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Masculine Signs are diurnal day-oriented , so the term masculine here should be viewed in the same light as the Yang or bright polarity of the Tao.

The Masculine & Feminine in Astrology

The idea of masculinity is traditionally related to dryness and femininity to moisture. In the tropical zodiac, the first sign, rising at the vernal equinox, is Aries, defined as masculine. The next sign in order of the zodiac is Taurus, defined as feminine. We have a hard time being at peace! This explains a lot! We plan on sticking it out but had I known this years ago …I would have made a quick U-turn!

How can we make happiness and lasting peace? Through God is the only answer!

Masculine and Feminine Aspects of Zodiac SIgns 🌌🔮 [VLOG]

It has nothing to do with genders as we know them today. Feminine just means more introverted energy. Masculine is more extroverted energy. You get a lot done, but that comes from your -internal- strength which comes from the feminine signs. Thank you btw. What it is asking is: is your energy more reflective and internal ie thinking to yourself, keeping to yourself, before talking with others or is it more expressive and outward talking or competing with others, and then reflecting inward.

We all have both sides in us. The goal is to have a nice balance between the two! Such an interesting, amazing and insightful read this literally explains me in a nutshell. Explains a lot as I am Aries sun sign and Virgo moon. Where is your Venus? What houses are each of these planets in? A full chart can help put together the missing pieces. Thank you so much for this article. I am a Man taking the initiative to get in tune with my emotional side and channel these different energies in the proper fashion. Its quite the battle its usually an emotional roller coster with me lol. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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12 Astrology Signs of the Zodiac

A blog — The Standard. Thank you btw Like Like. So why do we need twelve signs? Each of the four elements can be expressed in three different styles. These var- ied modes of expression are called the three modalities. Astrology follows the four seasons, which correspond to the four elements, and each of these three-month-long seasons is comprised of a beginning, middle, and end.

Every month manifests in nature in a slightly varied way. The beginning of winter, for example, is not as frigid as the middle. The middle of summer is usually quite a bit hotter than the end.

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The three modalities represent those three parts of the seasons:. Each of the four elements presents a cardinal expression, a fixed expression, and a mutable expression. Four elements times three modalities equals twelve distinct energy fields and therefore the twelve signs. Even though Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, for example, are all fire signs, they each represent a different archetype. Aries person- ifies the warrior or soldier. Leo embodies the king, who is protected by the warrior.

And Sagittarius connotes the prophet, wizard, or adviser, who insures the upholding of the ethics of both the warrior and the king. In the Bible, David, the redheaded Aries warrior, was anointed by Samuel, a prophetic sage emblematic of Sagittarius. David usurped the kingdom from the old king Saul, initiating a dynasty.

Aries, the cardinal fire sign, begins the process.

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Sagittarius, the mutable sign, acted as the mes- senger, the connector, the agent of change from one season to the next—in this case from one dynasty Saul to another David. Leo, the fixed fire sign, then receives the flame from Aries and strives to maintain it. In this case, King Solomon, who symbol- izes the born-a-king sign of Leo, inherited the kingdom from his father and ruled peaceably with his harem of a thousand wives.

After all, a Leo is a Leo. The cardinal signs initiate the seasons: Aries kicks off spring, Cancer births summer, Libra brings autumn, and Capricorn delivers us into winter.

Astrology on the Web: Masculine Signs

These cardinal signs push us forward, urging the best from us. They act as personal trainers who cajole our finest, our healthiest muscles, out into view. The fixed signs, embedded in the middle of the season, radiate the full force of the seasonal trend. Taurus occurs when spring blooms everywhere; Leo falls under the strongest sun. Scorpio, the sign of death, rules when the leaves fall from the trees, and Aquarius rules when ice and cold fiercely grip the ground.

What is the significance of all this? Well, the fixed signs tend to take themselves very seriously and demand that we take them seriously too. No wonder the accounts ascribed to these apostles were later compiled into the New Testament and came to be regarded by close to a billion people as the word of God. The fixed signs stand as the pillars that support the zodiac, just as the four creatures support many of the esoteric mysteries of Kabbalah and the four gospels form the basis of Christendom.

The mutable signs, meanwhile, foster the transition of one season to the next in the same way that film editors endeavor to avoid jarring jump cuts between scenes. Gemini bridges spring and summer, Virgo ushers summer into autumn, Sagittarius shoots arrows from autumn to winter, and Pisces thaws winter into spring.

The mutables guarantee our ability to adjust.